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Ruwayda Hijab Collection was established on the foundations of elegance, modesty, and quality.

With you in mind, RHC ™ was born to bring forth a wide range of Hijabs in your favorite colors, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. 

With the desire to grant you the best, we hand-selected our Premium Medina Silk fabric, a cultivated silk blend, resembling the fabrics of chiffon and crepe.


The thread composition of the RHC Hijab grants all-season wear with its opacity and durability to combat the issue of transparency and slip. 

We set on creating the perfect Hijab that is easy to shape and drape to provide you with effortless elegance, every day.

Sustainably sourced and ethically produced in Istanbul, Turkey, the RHC Hijab has been perfected to guarantee you premium quality.


Because you deserve the best.

From us to you,

Ruwayda Hijab Collection

Because You Deserve The Best.

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