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Ratings & Reviews



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

I got the Amethyst Silk Hijab and Masha’Allah it is soooo beautiful!! Everything about the hijab is amazing, the material, the colour and the feel of it. I would definitely buy from here again Insha’Allah :)



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

Salamu alaikom
Thank you so much for these beautiful medine silk scarves really are a good and premium quality that you can get and Mashaalah the Colors so nice and so chic . For sure inshaalah Im gonna order and order again .
Thank you again for this nice quality of your products



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

Awesome hijabs soft and really nice!I’m extremely happy I love them 😍



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

I absolutely love the Hijabs!! The texture is silky soft and the colors are so vibrant! The material flows/drapes nicely giving a clean and elegant finished look! I also loved the packaging very thoughtful and you can sense the attention to details put into this brand. Will definitely be purchasing more soon. Great costumer service!!



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

Amazing quality, amazing durability, prettiest colours, etc! I bought two hijab boxes and 4 magnets and they work amazing! I thought the hijabs would slide around but with a proper under cap, they last all day. I was also skeptical of the magnets but they do not budge! There was a hole in one of the scarves and so I sent an insta DM and received the easiest and friendliest customer support of my life. Highly recommend!!



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

I absolutely loved the hijabs and the undercaps! The material was so comfortable, smooth and soft and the hijabs have such an elegant look to them. There are a huge variety of amazing colours to choose from!



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

I love the hijab so much!!! From the texture, the color, the material... everything!!!! Also, the shipping is fast and the customer service is amazing 🤩 I will definitely buy again InshaAllah 🥰 Thank you 💖💖

Souad Abdul Rahman

5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

Beta hijab pins quality is amazing & so strong the what ones of tried



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

Loved the fabric and colors. Bought hijab boxes 2 times and loved it.

Syeda Mahnoor


5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

Love Love Love the products! I got a mix and match box set of 5 hijabs 2 undercaps and magnets. Amazing quality and craftsmanship. They are incredibly comfy to wear, secure and make me feel so put together and pretty! May Allah bless you guys with all the success you deserve inshallah.
Ps. Great customer service 👏🏼



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

Absolutely love the silky materials of these hijabs. The quality is very luxurious and it has such a nice flow to it. Overall great experience with Ruwayda Collection and will definitely be ordering again. 🤍



5/51/52/53/54/55/5Love it? Rate it

I loved everything about it.. the texture, the shape, the color.

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